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Platinum Services

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Description du service

Services Offered: - Opening: Cleaning, adding shock treatment, setting up equipment -Weekly cleaning and water analysis -Closure: Complete (lower water level, line blowout, antifreeze, water removal in all equipment) Additional charges for: Spring Opening Kit Chemicals needed to balance pool water Algaecide Salt Chlorine Cleaning salt chlorinators Excessive leaf removal Installation of nets or the winter cover of the swimming pool Removal of nets or winter cover from the swimming pool Fall Closing Kit SPA: Opening, Closing, Cleaning SPA Overflow Cleaning non sand filters EACH SERVICE IS BILLED INDIVIDUALLY. PAYMENT IS DUE AT TIME OF SERVICE.

Politique d'annulation

Si vous désirez annuler votre rendez-vous, veuillez nous aviser dans les 48 heures suivant notre visite. If you want to cancel your appointment, please advise us withing 48 hours of our visit.


+ 1 4388847665

Brossard CAN

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